Check My Style: Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns with your clothing should be simple without feeling like you got dressed in the dark! If you are a novice begin by substituing your solid colored tops with a monochromatic pattern in the same color as your bottom! Once you get the hang of it you will really begin to enjoy the challenge of utilizing more garments in your closet!

Here are some looks I put together at stores at SouthPark Mall, along with some easy tips for each!


Select one print to dominate and the other print as an accent your outfit.
Tie a plaid shirt or sweatshirt around your waist for a more casual look.
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Mix the prints to different scales (one big and one small).
Combine flowy or tailored print pieces or garments with a variety of textures.
Add a belt to break up patterns for a more structured look.
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Choose two different prints that share a common color.
Use neutral prints with colorful prints.
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Treat stripes as a neutral.
As an easy option try polka dots and stripes.
Mix prints of varying scales.
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Now that the warm weather is here and the stores are filled with fabulous fashions, be sure to call to book your appointment for spring closet consultations and first time complimentary personal shopping at SouthPark Mall. Days and times are flexible!

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