Coloring Your Hair With A Rainbow Of Hues

This month I am very excited to introduce my guest writer, Artistic Director Michelle Tabbert from Douglas Carroll Salon. Recently I mentioned to Michelle that I wanted to discuss the fast-growing trend of gradient hair coloring, and it quickly became a hot topic between us. Young adults, and their parents as well, are stepping out to create what I refer to as “jolt hair.” Jolt is defined in the dictionary as a violent shaking movement caused by an impact, explosion or tremor. The burst of color applied to the hair can dramatically alter a person’s look to achieve whatever look they hope for. Here are Michelle’s thoughts:

Michelle TabbertLet us begin by asking: “Who is not ready for warmer weather?” More outdoor activities lead to warmer skin tones due to sun exposure. What better way to compliment warmer skin tones than with a spring trend technique? Gradient color applications are the hot topic. This subtle shading effect can be used with various colors. Although there are many colors to 2choose from, pastels are the way to go. As an example, Pantone’s Cashmere Rose is the color inspiration for the spring. There is a new product on the market that all hairdressers, clients and product junkies need in their life. Olaplex will help to rebound the hair from the inside out. All hair can benefit from this proven product. It can be used in lighteners, color, perms, keratin treatments, relaxers, and all on its own. The hair looks and feels like it has been reborn. When making those subtle or dramatic changes that require lightening, this is a must-have for that process.

1Remember that your hair is your calling card. Updating your hair with a fresh color or style for spring is the first step in transforming your look. Plan to re-evaluate your makeup to match your new hair hues. Shedding a heavier, made-up look for a softer, dewier complexion will also add to your re-boost. As your final touch, plan to add a few key items to your wardrobe, whether it is a new flowy pant, a slim silhouette top, neon orange or bubblegum colored shoe, and bucket purse.

I look forward to seeing your new hair color!

From my closet to yours,


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