Dress The Life You Live – Tips From Head To Toe

Welcome to the second post of my new blog, where I’ll be introducing you to more current trends and tips for the life you live. I have asked a few of my favorite merchants, specialists, and beauty experts to allow me to showcase some of their unique products and insights. I welcome your feedback, and I’d love to have you share your own tips and local favorites!

Patricia SaccardoRelying on fashion magazines alone to gather new and trending makeup looks can be a mistake once we reach middle age. Many women don’t realize heavy eyeliner can be harsh and aging. One way to create the illusion of a fuller lash line is to apply liner with a dotting or “stippling” technique between lashes. This also helps to prevent the creasing and caking of liner as it settles into fine lines after hours of wear. This is a favorite tip from national makeup artist Patricia Saccardo, and you can contact her for more information at patyesaccardo@nc.rr.com.

Most of us buy ready-to-wear clothing, but custom tailoring can ensure you get the perfect fit, which is always the most flattering. Custom seamstress Meg Shouse recommends buyers look for garments that fit well in the bust and hip. Most other areas, such as the shoulder or the inseam length, are easily altered. I suggest steering clear of garments that require major alterations, as you may be disappointed in the long run. Shouse can be reached by email at mshouse@nc.rr.com.

One of the first things I recommend for all of my women clients is a bra fitting. Nothing can sabotage a gorgeous outfit quite like an ill-fitting bra that doesn’t offer adequate support. Kathy Bartholomew, affectionately known as The Bra Lady, and I agree that a bra fitting every year is ideal due to normal fluctuations in your body shape and size. Bra fittings are provided as a complimentary service in all specialty bra retailers and department stores, so take advantage of this opportunity to look your best underneath it all. Contact Kathy Bartholomew at kbbrababe@myessentialbodywear.com.

Coolsweats PinehurstLayered statement jewelry is a whimsical way to add punch to an outfit, but it can be tricky to strike the right balance and find the proper scale. Create your own personal style with layered jewelry by adding similar textures and various tiered lengths. Leather cording or strung beading can be doubled up or twisted to give it its own unique look. Remember that a chunky, textured or colorful statement necklace can be the focal point of your outfit when you choose tops that are simpler in pattern and design as a backdrop. Take your outfit from day to night by layering necklaces and adding bangles for added drama. Keep your earrings simple, and avoid looking matchy-matchy. www.coolsweats.net.

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