Dressing For The Heat

Without a doubt you are as leery as I am that it’s early July and the weather is hovering in the high nineties. Dressing daily for the heat becomes a challenge and takes more planning. Instead of my usual July tips of bathing suits, lengths of shorts, and capris let’s cut to the chase and discuss dressing for the heat!

Best Fabric Choices

  • The most natural fiber is cotton. Look for clothing that is made of lightweight linens or wools, seersucker, or chambray.
  • Georgette fabrics are similar to cotton and are sheer and airy. Sheer garments are great in the feel, unless you need to layer a camisole to prevent showing too much skin.
  • Silk is also a common natural fabric and is an ideal natural fiber perfect for heat driven days. Caution, this fabric does show sweat stains.

REGARDLESS of what fabric you choose avoid dark colors as they absorb heat. Wear bright or white colors to reflect heat.

Summer Fabrics

Tips For Actual Dressing

  • Buy summer clothing in the summer as garments are made of fabrics for heat filled days. Spring fabrics are warmer in content.
  • Opt for skirts or dresses that are flowy and loose as much as possible to keep ventilation moving. If pants are still your preference look for lightweight cotton or linen only.
  • Carry a lightweight cardigan or jacket as you move in and out of buildings.
  • If your hair is longer, give thought to creative hairstyle options that gets your hair off your neck. Quick tip: buy a lightweight humidity hairspray to keep your hair from frizzing (it’s my new BFF!).
  • Adjust makeup by purchasing a lighter base makeup or just use a bronzer (I had my first experience of my makeup running and it wasn’t pretty!).
  • If you’re not feeling not as fluid in your appearance, try wearing a bold lip color or bright polish. Sometimes the simplest of modifications will make the difference.

A final note…the heat may be a big issue now, but I guarantee that by the time my next newsletter is written we will have all moved on from this and will be excited for fall! REMEMBER to hydrate.

Have a good summer!

From my closet to yours,

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