Enhancing The Reflection We See In The Mirror

Suzanne LibfraindHappy 2015, everyone! If you have made New Year’s resolutions, I wish you strength to achieve what is important to you. Let’s first acknowledge the reflection that we see daily in the mirror. My daily reflection is one of strength and confidence in who I am and where I am going – despite the little things like fluctuating weight, having a bad hair day, or wishing I had remembered to grab an additional shoe. Take a moment to read some of my suggested tips. The simplest changes in my own life have been helpful in enhancing my appearance.

We should all own a full-length mirror to view ourselves front and back for the common things we may have neglected, like a missing button on a garment, a frayed belt buckle, a stain on our jacket, or breakfast crumbs between our teeth.

Have you updated your hairstyle in the past two years? If not, it is time to schedule a consultation with your current stylist, or to try someone new. An updated style and hair color can take years off your appearance. Keep in mind your hair is what people notice first!

Suzanne LibfraindHave you modified your skin care regimen to address the changes in your skin’s texture and tone?

The quickest way to perk up your makeup is to change your lipstick. If you use lip balm, opt for a balm with a subtle rosy tint. If you prefer lipstick, choose a new color that is deeper and richer for winter. The contrast with a slightly paler winter skin tone does wonders to brighten your appearance.

Are your undergarments still supporting you? Are you noticing that your bra is no longer making you as “perky” as you feel? It may be time to schedule a complimentary bra fitting at one of the major department stores. The same applies if your panties no longer have shape and have lost their elasticity. Updated undergarments will make your clothes drape more smoothly, and you will wonder why you didn’t do it months before.

My last tip comes from my heart. Take a moment and view your reflection in the mirror and decide to embrace one thing that either others see daily or that you feel needs to come from within you. DO IT and experience the change.

Photo by Ellen Schaffer

May the New Year bring happiness, joy, and confidence.

From my closet to yours,


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