How to Dress as a Wedding Guest

How often do you receive an invitation for a spring or summer wedding and wonder what is appropriate to wear? Be prepared with selections that would work for any wedding you may be invited to. The invitation’s formality is generally the first clue, along with the time and location. Some invitations include a dress code for wedding guests.

Regardless of what is printed on the below are tips on how to dress as a wedding guest:

  • This is the bride and groom’s big day and a family celebration. Be respectful of their wishes and if you are confused with the dress code, simply ask.
  • Weddings represent love so opt for romantic looks and not clothing that is edgy or a high fashion trend. Fabrics like florals, silk, crepes, ruffles or lace (which is on trend this season) are the perfect options for all types of weddings.
  • Stay away from dresses that are white, cream, blush or eggshell. Remember, this is the bride’s day to shine!
  • IMG_0747 2Most weddings held in churches, synagogues or hotel ballrooms tend to be more formal. Plan to bring a wrap, shrug or sweater to wear as needed in a house of worship, especially if your arms need to be covered.
  • Parks, gardens and beach venues are usually less formal.
  • Choose appropriate shoes for the occasion. Will there be dancing? If you are a dancer, you may want to choose a flat or wedge. If you are a wedding guest at an outdoor venue, you may be walking on grass, trails or sand. So, be sure to stay away from stilettos!


Decoding the Invitation

  • Very formal dress requires white tux and evening dresses.
  • Formal attire calls for tuxedos or dinner jackets and long and short dresses.
  • Less formal dress is dark business suits and cocktail dresses


Destination Weddings

For casual wedding 2Destination weddings like the beach are a wonderful time for men to break out a linen suit, or linen pant and button down. As for women, dresses and maxi dresses made of cotton blends, lace, linen or chiffon fabrics that don’t cling and are light and airy—prefect for that warming spring/summer breeze. When selecting your dress you can’t go wrong with colors from the sea including corals, blues, emeralds and greens! Plus, this is the one time a wedding guest can wear flip-flops! Personally, I would look for an embellished flip-flop or add my own to make my beach statement!


Before the Big Day

IMG_0742 2Simplicity is the key to highlight your style with a bright lipstick and fabulous colored clutch. A spring brunch or bridal luncheon is the ideal time to break out a pretty suit or floral dress.

Male guests can’t go wrong with a pastel colored shirt in soft blue, mint green or pale pink with a whimsical tie and light colored suite. If that is not an option, choose a seersucker pant, navy blazer and bow tie. Regardless of what you select to wear, keep it tasteful! Pictures taken will be viewed for years to come and you don’t want to be the wedding guest that was inappropriately dressed and remembered for just that!

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