How to Maximize Your White Blouse Wardrobe Essential

I had no idea there were so many ways to wear a white blouse! I normally just wear one to client meetings but Suzanne taught me that white blouses can be so much more. Mary Gross.

For most of us we like to count on our crisp white cotton or silk blouse to carry us through our various wardrobe needs regardless of the season. Recently, I worked with Mary GrossCharlotte Agenda writer and BooneOakley senior copywriter, to highlight some inspiring ways to wear that basic white blouse in your wardrobe.

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photos by Cara Benko

The possibilities in style and fabric blends are endless. Keep in mind these tips when searching for a white blouse that has the right style and fit:

Look for a blouse with darts that will help shape your waist.

  • Avoid all things boxy.
  • Avoid bibs, ruffles, and too much detail around the chest area. The opposite applies if you have a smaller bust.
  • Make sure the blouse is a comfortable fit and doesn’t pull across the chest allowing a gape between the buttonholes.
  • Lift your arms to determine if the blouse is too tight under the arms, or the sleeves too short and ride up at the cuff.
  • Select a collar and neckline that will offer the most versatility with your everyday style.

Lastly, the downfall of a white blouse is that it can quickly become stained or frayed around the hem or sleeves. Plus, after time, it can lose its shape. Be prepared and keep at least one extra white blouse in your closet. And, plan to purchase a new white blouse seasonally to keep your look fresh and crisp!

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