Investing in Quality Men’s Shoes

Men, Let Your Shoes Guide Your Style

Seeing the value in purchasing a fine quality Italian made leather shoe can be a game changer for a wardrobe. Always buy quality over and quantity, whether it’s garments or shoes. The Magnanni brand is a fine Italian made shoe that is made in Spain but is better known throughout the world for its use of Bolognese and Blake Construction. Bolognese construction is a special hand-sewn technique that provides the upper with a fit like a glove, providing maximum comfort. Blake Construction produces direct stitching to the outer sole to the insole, allowing the shoe to be lightweight and flexible. Who wouldn’t want this? These shoes are sold in finer retailers stores like Dillards, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue and are certainly worth trying on.


Here are my fashion favorites!

My absolute favorite shoe is this soft cognac buckle with a suit or a jean, this sophisticated style will weather the time of time! Shop Here


A men’s cap-toe oxford is the perfect everyday shoe, whether it’s worn for office business casual or to meet friends after work. Pair this oxford with jeans and a sports jacket for a dressier vibe!
Shop Here


This side zip Donosti leather offers true versatility for wearing with
a suit or with jeans and a graphic tee.
A good boot goes a long way in a wardrobe! Shop Here


For the man who wants an all around shoe to wear for business and formal occasions, this go to calf skin cap toe dress shoe is a winner. Great for any man looking to start his shoe wardrobe with a classic! Shop Here


As you give thought to purchasing a fine leather shoe, keep in mind my favorite purchasing formula: shoe cost x the number of days worn weekly ÷ 52 (weeks per year). The overall small investment will surprise you! Special thanks to Reginald at Dillards at Southpark Mall in Charlotte – not only is he a gem, but he knows his shoes!


From my closet to yours

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