Life Beyond Tighty Whities

Has there been a discussion of men’s tighty whities around your household recently, along with whether they’ve seen better days? Maybe not so much at the kitchen table, but certainly it warrants addressing! Men, if your drawer is still housing last year’s underwear that was worn once a week, it is time to replenish. Tattered, worn pairs that have lost their elastic stretch should be tossed in the nearest trashcan. Underwear is important for hygiene and comfort, but it also supports your shape and style. Check out these tips:


Underwear that is ill-fitting can be irritating and cause a rash. The correct size is based on waist circumference in inches:
Small 28-30
Medium 32-34
Large 36-38
XL 40-42
XXL 44-46

Have a minimum of 10 pairs and several styles for different activities:

  • Boxers – elastic waistband, have open legs like shorts with a button or open fly. Boxers provide little to no support, but are ideal for sleep or loungewear and come in an array of colors and patterns.
  • UndiesBriefs – form-fitting with elastic leg opening and an overlapping pocket for support. Briefs are appropriate for sports and thankfully come in other colors besides white.
  • Boxer-briefs – the best of both worlds, boxer-briefs offer support and comfort, and are found in a wide range of colors. These extend to the middle of the thigh and can be worn under gym shorts.
  • Thongs – may be considered sexy men’s underwear, but most find them uncomfortable. Need I say more?
  • Bikinis – similar to a brief but sit lower on the hips and tend to leave nothing to the imagination.


Cotton is natural, soft and comfortable.
Spandex is a synthetic and is best worn for athletic underwear. It is designed to breathe to reduce sweat and odor.
Nylon is also a synthetic and conforms to the body and feels oh so sexy!
Silk is predominantly used for boxers but does not absorb moisture well.


The most popular brands are Calvin Klein, Armani, Under Armour, Jockey, Hanes, Threeseasons and Shreddies. Shreddies is a line that is relatively new on the market and is designed to filter flatulence odors by an activated carbon back panel. Hmmm, imagine that men!

Gentlemen, your underwear may not be a priority, but as a stylist, wife and mother, I can assure you that your underwear does matter! Personally, I have no dog in this fight, but I encourage you to test the waters with different brands and fabrics to find the best fit for your wardrobe needs.

From my closet to yours,


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