Orange, The New Power Color

When it comes to choosing a power color, orange is the new red! At New York Fashion Week this spring, orange popped up in every shade from tangerine to bright sherbet, to impressive hues of mandarin and apricot. This spring and summer the varietal shades of orange have flooded the market in designs of chicly inspired menswear suiting to flowy and A-line dresses.

If orange is a favorite for you, color researchers say you yearn to engage and socialize, and that you enjoy being accepted and valued as a member of the group. Scientists also claim those who gravitate toward orange love a good challenge, physical or otherwise. It’s an interesting idea, but for many, the greatest challenge might be finding creative ways to incorporate this singular color into your wardrobe without going overboard.

If you haven’t already, try injecting some orange into your wardrobe. Find an orange hue that works well with your skin tone, as orange will continue to be integrated in Pantone color palettes for years to come. Like the color red, animal and reptile prints and leathers, its popularity will eventually become a staple in all our wardrobes. As for what to wear with orange, follow this simple guideline to pairing or blending other colors and tones for your lifestyle wardrobe.

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Keep in mind, if you are still a bit skittish about wearing orange up against your face, start with accessories, like a shoe, handbag or cuff. Treat the accessories like a simple pop of color, no different than the candy apple red you may wear.

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