Say NO To The Frumps As You Age

I marvel that my clients all want the same thing—to look and feel the best they can with minimal effort and time, at a reasonable cost. I have acquired 25 plus years worth of tips on shopping, dressing and quick fixes for appearance and wardrobe. In this issue, you will find helpful tips to update your style and keep you from looking frumpy from head to toe!


Update your hairstyle! If you have long hair try pulling it back into a decorative comb clip or barrette. Shaping it to frame your face also will give you a fresh style. Or, take a risk—try a short and sassy haircut!


Eyes tend to get lost under thin brows but will ‘pop’ when enhanced by a strong brow. Shape your brows and color them in with an eyebrow pencil to give the illusion of fullness.


IMG_0415Purchase a new pair of eyeglasses to update your look. Your family and friends will love your new style! Be sure to select a color that highlights the frame or arm of the glasses. Don’t worry about buying a frame to match your clothing; eyeglasses are an accessory and can stand on their own.

Bonus tip: Moisturize DAILY in the morning and night with an eye cream, daily spf lotion and night rejuvenating cream. Dry skin is the first giveaway to the aging process!


Boost your bust with a well fitting bra. You will be amazed at how differently your clothes will drape. I recommend you get a professional bra fitting twice a year. Schedule your appointment with a fit specialist at a local department store, such as Dillard, Nordstrom, or Belk. Be sure to ask them to work within your budget.

Colors and Patterns: Shoes, Bags and Belts

Don’t hesitate to mix the colors black, navy and brown, but please add a complementary color! Black may be chic, however the older we get the less brightness to our skin tone. Color brings life to the face and will certainly keep you from looking drab. Add an orange or turquoise to give your outfit some pizzazz! And, if you do only wear black, opt for color accessories in your neckline with a necklace or scarf.

When working with multiple patterned garments, select one big pattern and one small opposing pattern, or stay within similar color tones.

Gold, silver and rose gold all work together. Any active member of the fashion police will give permission to wear a shoe that has a silver buckle that may not match your gold necklace or bronze belt, as long as the style is somewhat similar. Accessorizing is the key to pulling together an outfit, but remember that relaxed dressing is more youthful and less stuffy or frumpy!


If you have structured suits in your closet, separate the two garments and pair each with different item. A jacket looks great with a jean, a simple white blouse or tee, layered necklaces and a wedge, flat or heel for evening or weekend wear. A suit skirt is more functional when paired with a chunky knit sweater or denim blouse, tights, leather jacket and boot. Shorten your skirt to above or right below the knee, to avoid having your legs look shorter.

Athletic Shoes

IMG_0426Nothing ages you more than wearing athletic shoes or gym sneakers, out of style shoes or shoes that you can’t walk in with jeans. There are many brands available that offer both comfort and style. Take the time to look online or check out stores where you normally would not shop. A good looking shoe can certainly make an outfit look fabulous and a dated shoe can ruin that same outfit!

Denim Jeans

Lastly, stay current with the style of jeans you wear. Don’t wear outdated or ill-fitting jeans. This is the most common mistake women make. Women should avoid unflattering distress patterns, ‘dirty’ washes, and heavily embellished styles. And, if you are deciding between two sizes, choose smaller; jeans tend to grow as you move.

Now go get ’em ladies!

Special thanks to my client Lori Livengood (pictured above), who had a vision for herself and was open to taking the journey with me. New eye wear, new brows, fabulous hair and an updated wardrobe that is anything but frumpy!

From my closet to yours,


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