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Later this year I’m going to offer a series of FREE seminars at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte. And, I need YOUR HELP finding fashion topics that you care about! Please take a moment to select any topics below that you think would be a great seminar topic. Do you have an idea that you think is interesting? I’d love to hear it – please leave it in the comments.

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  1. Liz Pratt

    Awesome! I would also love to hear a repeat of the seminar you gave in April on ” over 50 and looking sassy” or something like that!

  2. Dianne Roth

    People ages 50+ often feel invisible and no longer relevant. This is not because of society, but also to some degree because of designers and retailers. We never lose our desires to be stylish. Thanks for recognizing the need to keep our contemporaries fresh and current!

  3. Darla Desiderio

    Hello Suzanne, opportunities like this one have me looking forward to new things in life!

  4. Teresa Sisk

    I enjoyed and learned a lot from the last fashion show at SouthPark. I work at SouthPark Mall and find it challenging to look the part with a smaller budget than most SouthPark shoppers. I would like to learn how to invest in more designer brands and create different looks. I would rather have fewer high quality clothes and learn to accessorize than to have a lot of clothes that are not the best quality.

    • suzanne Libfraind

      Teresa, great suggestion and I can surely incorporate that idea! Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Mary Ann Green

    Please forgive my rudeness!! I meant to send you a long and effusive thank you note for the last seminar I was privileged to attend. I loved that you used “Real Women” as models, you both were darling hostesses, the food and cupcakes were unexpected treats, the goodie bag was actually useful, the signature drink was clever. Thank you for all your planning and hard work. My only concern was the sound system… unless the microphone was right against your mouth, your message was lost… which was a loss to us all, because you you both had wonderful advice to share.

    • suzanne Libfraind

      I agree Mary Ann about the sound system. I expect it will be rectified moving forward! Thank you!

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