The Scoop On Sleeves

It’s a little known truth: the length of your sleeve can transform your appearance! Keep these tips up your sleeve when you shop to create the most flattering look for your particular shape and unique arms.

  • image1aIf your upper arm is fuller, opt for sleeveless tops. Whether or not your arm is toned or tanned, sleeveless top offers the appearance of an unbroken line as most eyes travel from the neck to the wrist.
  • A cap sleeve draws the eye to the largest part of the arm. It also emphasizes the bust. If you are large busted, a cap sleeve directs more attention to that area, since you’re creating a continuous line from the edge of the sleeve across the bosom.
  • Short sleeves also bring attention to the widest part of the arm. However, if you opt for a fluttery sleeve, you’ll create a softer visual as the material drapes loosely on your image2arm.
  • Half sleeves hit right above the elbow-a kind of visual no man’s land. Half sleeves tend to draw the eye to the midsection, so if that’s where you carry your weight, consider other sleeve options.
  • Three-quarter sleeves land right below the elbow. They can be a wonderful options for several reasons: They provide a bit more coverage if you are cold natured or if you’re not crazy about your arms. They also elongate your-arm-a particular plus for the petite among us. Particularly in the height of the summer, this length is far more comfortable than longer sleeves.
  • Long Sleeves are the best option if you want to lengthen the appearance of the torso. If wearing a long sleeve blouse, be sure that the cuff is properly hemmed to lay just beyond the wrist bone and no shorter.

Use these guidelines to select sleeves lengths that flatter your appearance. Most importantly, try to embrace all your features and choose what feels right for you. Have you ever noticed that clothes feel better when worn with a smile?

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