Top 10 Tips For a Complete Vacation Wardrobe

Regardless of whether you are going to the beaches of Hawaii, the smoky mountains in Tennessee, or to a vineyard in Napa Valley, your vacation wardrobe can be kept to a minimum. Check out these tips that will ease the packing process and ensure you have a complete wardrobe.

  • Start with a packing list. As you read these tips be sure to jot down the items you will need to pack in your suitcase. Check the weather and see if the place you are staying has laundry facility. It will determine how much you need to pack.
  • IMG_1267Minimize your wardrobe colors. Pack a three-color neutral range of clothing, so you can mix and match easily. Examples: navy, brown, khaki, black, cream, and white. Get creative with the garments. See how many combinations you can make with as few pieces as possible. If you prefer dresses and skirts, make sure they are washable.
  • Choose travel-friendly fabric. Pack wrinkle-free fabric when you have the option. This will save you from having to iron, or steam your clothing while you are traveling.
  • Always pack a cardigan or light jacket—a definite necessity for cooler evenings. And, a scarf is a must-have for a plane ride to wear over your shoulders while wearing sleeveless items. A scarf also can act as a pop of color to your three-color wardrobe range.
  • Bring a bathing suit and cover up – essential for a swim in a pool, a soak in a hot tub or a walk along the beach. Select a cover up that can do double duty as a sundress. Wear a workout boy short and camisole if it’s too sheer. Don’t forget your suntan lotion!
  • Limit your shoes to 3 pairs. Pack shoes that will go with several outfits and wear your most comfortable pair while traveling. Opt for a wedge that can be dressed up or down, sneaker and flat that can be worn at the pool or on the beach.
  • Keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Opt for an everyday earring and a hoop for evenings out. Choose your favorite “go to” fashion jewelry necklace, so if it is lost or stolen it will not ruin your vacation. Although many hotels have a room safe, leave that for storing large items like iPads, Kindles and cords.
  • Pack hair accessory clips and hats. These items will save on hairstyling time. And, if you are staying at a hotel or renting a home, call ahead to ask if they supply a hair dryer. Hats that can be easily packed and flattened can add style to your wardrobe and simplify your daily routine.
  • Consolidate your toiletries. Try a conditioning shampoo so you don’t have to pack two bottles. Or, discount stores like Walmart or Target carry small travel size beauty products and travel bottles which are more convenient and space-saving. Plus, use a large plastic or Ziplock bag instead of a cosmetic bag; it is more compact and uses less space.
  • Roll your items instead of laying flat. Not only does it provide more room in your suitcase, but the garments will have less wrinkles!

Safe travels from my closet to yours!



  1. Elvidge Thames

    Thanks for the tips. Very helpful. I will be going on vacation in 3 weeks and you just solved my packing arrangement.

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