Top 10 Ways to Update Your Man’s Wardrobe this Fall

Who updates your man’s wardrobe? You, or your man? Whether you do it together or the task falls on you, updating your man’s wardrobe doesn’t need to be challenging. Check out my hit list of trendy items to add to any man’s wardrobe this season!

#1 –
If your man doesn’t own a plaid shirt or sweater this season, don’t deny him! Gone are the traditional green and red plaids; rich berries, blues and desert hues are what you will want to look for!

#2 – Another go-to item this season is a denim shirt with detailed trim, buttons and cuffs. A denim shirt is best worn under a bomber jacket and a lace up Chelsea boot.

#3 – This season’s classic corduroy offers a more relaxed fit through the hip and thigh. Focus on colors like navy, camel, maroons or pumpkin to add a touch of dimension to his style.

#4 – Try brown as another color option for this season’s go-to jean. Warmer brown tones woven with blues, black, berries, neutral and earth tones will be a hit. See at

#5 – Track jackets and pants and hoodies are the biggest change in relaxed casual wear for men this season. Whether he is wearing a Hanes tee or graphic tee, the layered hoodie and track pant with a classic sneaker is the newest vibe. See the pants & hoodie at

#6 – A rich camel or sable brown wool trench coat provides a versatile classic style as a great option for warmth to last season’s pea coat. See at

#7 – Take your guy’s look from day to night with a neutral brown cashmere turtleneck, pant and bomber jacket. Add a pebbled leather moccasin to knock this outfit out of the park! Try layering with a rich colored cashmere scarf inside a classic tweed suit jacket for cooler fall days.

#8 – Opt for a beanie or fedora—a good hat goes a long way in establishing his style. See at

#9 – Accessories like colorful socks, ties with playful prints, ginghams and plaids, add fun to any wardrobe.

#10 –Vibrant eyewear is another subtle addition to updating a wardrobe. See at

Your goal to assist your guy with his wardrobe is to decide on the items that will best benefit his lifestyle. If he likes to dress trendy, opt for a tracksuit and a great casual sneaker. If you want to add just a few new items to spruce up his style, then focus on purchasing a rich brown casual jean, an updated camel coat and scarf. A new cologne for the season and a great haircut can be a style changer as well.

Whether your man’s new wardrobe suddenly appears in his closet or is your holiday gift, I expect he will appreciate the effort taken! And, hurry! Shop for these items now while the stores are stocked!

Plus, be sure to discard garments that are worn, tattered, torn, faded or dated and donate to charity.

From my closet to yours,

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