What Does A Vegan Wardrobe Look Like?

Since we don’t eat our clothing, many wonder what vegan clothing and accessories are all about. Vegan clothing is any item that is made without animal products as a cruelty-free resource like leather, silk, fur, cashmere, down, pashmina, and snakeskin, to name a few. Veganism is about protecting animals, and as a result vegans don’t purchase clothing that exploits animals. Vegan clothing and accessories are easy to find and are often made from plant fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, or manmade products like polyester, canvas, moleskin, rayon, cork, or polyurethane.

For those interested supporting this mission and lifestyle, here are just a few of my favorite sites!


Available at bead & reel


Available at bead & reel


Available at Vaute


Available at Angela Roi


Available at Kat Mendenhall


Available at Inika Organic



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